Hygiene Policy

Our team at Smith & McKenzie are our pride and joy, and our community means everything to us. We’re here for them and we’re here for you, and we think your local restaurant can play a role in providing a place to share a drink and chill... just wash your hands first.

So drop by as we are open for business as usual and our team would love to look after you. While you are there know that the health and wellbeing of everyone – our team and our customers - remains our number one priority so like everyone else we’re taking extraordinary measures to keep the highest level of hygiene standards and lowest levels of risk we can.
The steps we’re taking include:

  • Hygiene stations set up at all entries and team required and customers encouraged to use these on entry and regularly throughout their visit
  • Commercial cleaning contractors increasing their level and frequency of cleaning of all areas
  • A team member will regularly wipe down high frequency contact points throughout the venue will fresh cloths and using sanitiser every hour
  • All team members will observe strict hygiene measures and will avoid touching their face and hair while working. If they need to do so, they will then wash their hands straight away
  • All beverages served by bar staff will be in a fresh and clean glass and no refills of glasses will occur
  • Drinks in glasses are for one customer and not to be shared
  • Used plates and glasses will be cleared away regularly and  team will wash their hands after every time they come into contact with dirty dishes
  • Dirty glasses will always be handled at the bottom of the glass, avoiding contact with the top at all times
  • Cold or flu like symptoms in team members will be reported to a manager as soon as possible. All team members are to take sick leave immediately if they are displaying these
  • Any cough or sneeze should be in to the pit of an elbow or into a tissue that is disposed of immediately
  • If we become aware that a customer is not correctly observing their self-isolation period we will refuse to serve as a responsibility to public health safety

We’ve always been positive and optimistic at Smith & McKenzie and we’re staying that way. No doubt these are tricky times for some so we’re doing our best, we’re focusing on our people and our community.


The Smith & McKenzie Team


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