Our order portal is open anytime, however each day orders close at 8pm.

  1. Head to our online ordering page
  2. Choose from our menu, including meals, desserts, drinks, and a few extras
  3. Enter your car’s license plate number next to your name when setting up your details
  4. Select your pickup time between 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  5. Park up at the designated Kerbside Parking (main entrance) area and put your hazards on.  Our friendly team will be in a high vis anticipating your arrival.
  6. Stay in your car, our team will see your number plate.  When your order is ready we will give you a wave and place your meal on the designated table, once we have backed away please come forward and collect your meal to ensure we follow physical distancing guidelines.
  7. Keep your phone handy, so we can give you a buzz if we can’t find you, or give us a call 07 855 1400. 
  8. Double-check you have everything you ordered and enjoy!

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